Wearing PJs All Day: The Good and Bad

Have you been wearing pajamas all day? Or are you going to a job meeting with a professional shirt and some PJ bottoms? Or even taking care of your kids in your PJs? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, don’t be ashamed because there is nothing wrong with feeling comfortable. Look – we are stuck at home! Let’s give ourselves a break. We are balancing so much from work, some of us night schools, kids, cooking – the last thing we need to worry about is if we are wearing the latest faux-leather pants. And, if you are dressing up – all our kudos to you! There is some relief in wearing PJs all day, but like the saying says, sometimes there can be “too much of a good thing.”

The Good of Pajamas:

Ultimately, there is truly only one good thing from wearing pajamas all day and that is comfort. This means wearing a pair of sweats or cozy loungewear with a cute pajama top or one of those old shirts that you only wear at night. You can dress it up on your zoom call with a necklace, diamond studs and some fantastic lipstick. And ladies, please do put on your bra! We definitely suggest swapping a big messy shirt with a professional top that shows you are trying to make an effort.

Of course we can fall into the convenience of wearing a comfortable shirt while at home. Most of us may not be having visitors except our Amazon delivery man who we probably get a bit too excited to see when he rings our doorbell. And, the idea of comfort comes with the benefit that it gives us relief from the stress to figure out what to wear for the day. Typically, it could take a woman up to an hour or more to get ready in the morning from picking an outfit, coordinating makeup, bag, belt, shoes.

The Bad of Pajamas:

Even though it’s fun to wear pajamas all day, it can cause some psychological effects. One psychological effect that comes from wearing pjs all day is that we can become less productive.

Prior, when we would get up with our alarm, race to get out on time, pick out an outfit that will make us feel confident, trendy and alive, it did give us the feeling also of: ‘let’s get to work!’

And truly one of the most pleasurable moments of the day is coming home from work, immediately changing into our sweats and decompressing after a long day. This lack of pressure to get out of the house also then permits us to delay getting started for the day, getting our projects done, etc. The one positive thing about a 9 am Zoom call is it does give us accountability and the push to move faster in the morning.

The work at home attire can also promote a feeling of laziness. Yes, it gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation, but it can also be guilty of contributing to a sluggish feeling. Honestly, there are days that we don’t even know what day of the week it is or what time it is because we’re not tracking with the timeline of life, the deadlines of our job, etc. Ladies, work from home attire has its pros and its cons!

So – here’s our tip for this week. Pick a day, any day. Decide to get up a bit earlier. Wash and blow your hair. You know what – get your curling iron out and curl it! Put some makeup on, and a trendy outfit you hardly ever wore. Put it on, get your ring light out, take a video, post it, and get to work! You can do it and we are rooting for you all the way.

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