Pajamas or Lingerie: What Do Men Really Find Sexiest in Bed?

Pajamas or Lingerie: What Do Men Really Find Sexiest in Bed?

In the quest for ultimate bedtime allure, it turns out that you might not need to splurge on frilly, lacy lingerie after all. Surprising as it may be, a recent survey revealed that many men actually find women in pajamas the sexiest bedtime attire. Let's dive into the intriguing findings and discover what truly tickles their fancy.

The Sleepwear Showdown:

In the battle of bedtime or sleepwear fashion, it was a pair of cozy pajamas that emerged as the winner, capturing the hearts of 37% of men surveyed. It seems that when it comes to a woman's attire between the sheets, comfort and simplicity reign supreme. Only 32% of men expressed a preference for the classic allure of sexy lingerie.

But, What About Nothing At All?

Interestingly, just 16% of men admitted to finding nothing at all sexier than their partner wearing something borrowed, like a man's pyaamas or a comfy T-shirt. It's clear that the effortless charm of relaxed sleepwear has its own unique appeal.

On the Ladies' Side:

When it comes to what women prefer to see on men in bed, the survey delivered a straightforward answer: simple boxers or underwear. A resounding 35% of women deemed this choice as the sexiest. Sorry, guys, but those beloved football shirts didn't make the cut with the ladies.

Partner's Preference:

It seems that, for many, their partner's preference doesn't significantly impact their choice of bedtime attire. A majority of men (71%) and a significant portion of women (35%) asserted that their partner's preferences wouldn't sway their sleepwear selection. In the end, it's about feeling comfortable in your own skin—or sleepwear.

The Comfort Factor:

An overwhelming 78% of women and 70% of men prioritize comfort over attractiveness when choosing their bedtime attire. Regardless of whether they've faced criticism for their choices in the past, the ultimate goal is a good night's sleep.


In the eternal quest for what's sexiest in bed, it appears that comfort and simplicity are the real winners. Whether you're slipping into pajamas, sexy lingerie, or simple boxers, what truly matters is how confident and comfortable you feel. After all, a good night's sleep is priceless, and the right sleepwear can make all the difference. So, don't be afraid to embrace your bedtime style and enjoy a cozy, sexy night of sleep.

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