Guide to Safely Washing Your Nightgowns and Lingerie

Delicate and sensuous, nightgowns and lingerie demand a level of care beyond the ordinary. Learn the art of preserving their allure with our in-depth guide on the safe and easy washing of these intimate pieces. Elevate your self-care routine and ensure that every piece remains a testament to beauty and comfort.

Understanding the Labels: Always Read The Label

Every piece of lingerie comes with a label, a silent guide that holds the key to optimal care. Before embarking on the washing journey, familiarize yourself with the symbols and instructions provided. It's a crucial step in ensuring that your nightwear retains its grace and longevity.

Hand Wash vs Machine Wash for Lingerie and Nightgown

While it might take a bit more time, hand washing is the preferred method for preserving the intricate details and fabric integrity of your nightgowns and lingerie. The gentle touch ensures that the elasticity remains intact, and colors and shapes endure. If opting for the convenience of a machine, always use laundry bags to shield your delicate pieces, especially those adorned with intricate details. Whether hand washing or using a machine, refrain from hot water; opt for cold or lukewarm water to maintain the elasticity of your lingerie.

Sorting Matters: Do Not Wash Everything Together

Just as you sort your regular laundry by colors, the same principle applies to lingerie. Grouping similar-colored pieces together prevents accidental color bleeding, preserving the vibrancy of your favorite lingerie. This extra step ensures that your nightwear stays true to its original hues, avoiding any unwanted transformations.

Invest in Lingerie Detergent: A Gentle Approach

Bid farewell to regular detergents that may be too harsh for your delicate garments. Consider investing in a lingerie detergent, specially crafted for the care of delicate fabrics. These detergents not only clean but also extend the life of your lingerie. With a myriad of options available, choosing a lingerie detergent is a small investment that pays dividends in the longevity of your intimate wardrobe.

Extra Care for Your Favourite Pieces: Aes Studio's Lingerie and Nightgown

For those who cherish the elegance of Aes Studio's lingerie, extra care is the key to maintaining their allure. These delicate pieces deserve special attention to preserve their sexiness and comfort. Following these tips ensures that your lingerie remains a symbol of sophistication and beauty.


Mastering the art of washing your nightgowns and lingerie is a journey in self-care. By understanding the nuances of fabric care, sorting, and investing in the right products, you ensure that each piece remains as alluring and comfortable as the day you acquired it. For those seeking an exquisite and sexy lingerie and nightgown collection, explore our offerings. Reach out to our friendly customer service for assistance, and embark on a journey to unleash your sexy potential with Aes Studio.

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